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Hmmm. It's almost snack time. I can feel it. Seals detect prey with their whiskers. #Yum #AnimalFact http://t.co/GBODxCiNfD-2 years 10 weeks ago
Recycling today's paper can save over 1/2 a million trees a week. That'll make a few happy birds chirp! #EverydayTip http://t.co/GzszfmAUJu-2 years 10 weeks ago
Fun in the kitchen brings a basket full of smiles. Have at it, and let us take on the mess. http://t.co/DmN3s4cio6-2 years 10 weeks ago
Done! & thank YOU for following us!-2 years 10 weeks ago
We still make it! You can buy it online here: http://t.co/SR3ACJ4ZkU or ask your local store managers if they will stock it!-2 years 10 weeks ago